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My 2009 CAE students at ARCI, Rosario, Argentina

Hi, my dear students!

I've uploaded a video on some North American students' feelings about today's education, and would very much like to know how you feel about this video, and whether you share any of the learners' views.

I hope to read your opinions, since your own children will be certainly affected by so many changes that need to be made!! What has been your experience at school? What changes would you like to see for your kids?

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First of all, I share some of the learners´views because sometimes you have to study things that aren´t important. My experience at school is really good because I´ve learnt many important things but at the last two years I had silly and useless subjects. Also, I had teachers who were interested in the subjects they teach. Finally, I wish that the education would be better when my kids should go to school because the world is much competitive.
I have seen this video on some North American students`feelings about today`s education. I believe that most of the things that students say on that video is true. We have a lot of resaurces nowadays to study and look for information, but we use them rather for other stuff. I also agree with them when they say that sometimes we have to study things that aren`t relevant in our life and maybe we don`t know about things that we really must know. Last year I finished school, now i`m studying at university and I can say that in my experience I didn`t have problems as this students have. I use technology a lot, also for my studies. All my teachers knew my name and luckily most of the things that I have learnt during this years were very useful for me. I hope that in the future the education changes and I would like to be glad with my kids education as well.
I agree with some of the opinions from the video. I do really think that nowadays technology can help students and teachers as well to improve the way people learn, but that doesn´t mean that professors should give up their teaching methods at all, just join them. I agree with cecilia in that students sometimes don´t take advantadge of all the facilities that technology can offer to help us learn better, so that´s what I consider that has to be taught, to use technology as a tool for education and not something with which I can distract myself during classes, as a student points out in the video.

In my case I´ve no complaints about the education I recieved in school, I´ve found everything I was taught there very useful and I feel that I´ve been given so many tools for my future, some I have already starting using, specially now that I´m at university. Lastly, I´m used to using technology to study a lot and I really find it helpful and, of course, I would really like to see improvements in education in the future.
I think the video shows, as I said in class, how technology is involved with education. What I mean with this is, is that students can take advantage of it by making the correct use of internet and other resources that computers give nowadays; instead of surfing facebook, students should use computers to look up for useful information that may help them to improve their knowledge about what they're studying or about what they need to know. Of course this doesn't mean that teachers let computers do all the work! They need to find the necessary information that help the students with their future career. I'm saying this in response to one of the messages that shows something about what he/she is studying now would probably not exist in the future.
As for school experience, as Magali said, I have no complaints about the education I received at school. Of course there are some sbujects that I think are boring, or that are not related with what i'm going to study in university,b ut I think all the things I've been taught will be useful for me in the future.
That was a great video! Although I 'm not keen on technology, computers and that kind of things, I must admit that technology is very helpful but in specific situtations, such as catching up after missing classes, to complete sth o do homework if there's not enough time during the class. But I don't think is convenient to use a computer in a classroom for example, (except computer class, of course) because in most cases, as it is shown in the video, it's wrongly used and it makes people loose comunication between them, this adds more selfish atitudes to world...and that's no good.

My experience in school is great, we talk a lot , we comunicate, and the most important thing is that we learn how to appreciate what it is thaught, although it might not help in our future career. About my kids, I hope that they can be able to learn as well as I do... but at the moment I wish that the whole world changed by then...
Well, regarding this video I can say that I share most of the students' views. For example, at school I have a lot of subjects that aren't important or relevant to me at all such as theater or art. The english level in the school is incredibly low, so low that even the english clases are a waste of time, when they should be completely the opposite. Last year I had to dedicate o huge amount of hours to subjects that wheren't that important, which really annoyed me because I couldn't do things of subjects I really cared about! Today's level of education is critical and it's getting worse. If we don't do sth to change things now that we have the chance, we'll be regretting this for the rest of our lives. And if we can't change things for us, at least we should try to change things for our younger brothers or kids.
Students are rigth with most of the things they say. I didn't have those problems my self. .but I know they exist.
I think technology can be really useful when learning. Specially concidering that young kids generations are more and more used to technology with the pass of time. They born with it, they live with it, and it's not something difficult or strange to deal with. So, why don't we adapt it to our learning system?
I only dissagree with the idea of learning "not useful" stuff- everything can be useful as you'll never know where life is going to take you. : )
My own experience in school was good. I'm happy with it. But i also know my school is not like a normal school in argentina.
And about the changes for "my kids". ..I'm just 18 maan!. .I wont think about kids for a looong time. But I do belive technology will be part of tomorrow's education. So, instead of changing the system, I would like to see a change in the way we recive and percive information given.. Because a change in the system is inevitable!.. Technology is taking part..

Oh!, I loved the video. It's great from the cinematic point of view. Really good..
After watching the video I felt really identified with many of the things the students mentioned. For example when I was at school several of the subjects the teachers taught had a poor and uninteresting content, besides they were not useful for our future and to deal with the problems society faces nowadays. However, I used to go to a small school where everyone knows each other, so all the teachers were really closed to us and we could talk to them if we had any problem. I also find technology very useful for gaining knowledge and for searching information. Argentinian education should be modified in a responsible way, in addition, students should be able to speak their minds and their opinions need to be taken into consideration.

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