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Our Meeting with Sasha via Skype

Today we had a very special experience: we all met online synchronously with Sasha via Skype.
I invite my dear students to express their views and feelings on this meeting, where many of them had the chance to speak with her, and all of them could hear what she so generously said.

The floor is yours, CAE B!!!

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My Walls Talking slides

You are there too! ;-)


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Paul Potts

Hi everyone! This is the guy I mentioned in class who went to Britain's Got Talent and astonished the crowd. Enjoy. Click HERE

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Susan Boyle´s Performance in "Britain´s Got Talent 2009" has travelled the world!!!

Hi, my dear students!

Have you heard about Susan Boyle ?

Susan Boyle, a Scottish, unemployed 47 year woman just stumbled into fame and fell into the hearts of millions.

By taking part in ITV's 'Britain's Got Talent' competition she showed us that ducklings can still become swans, that dreams must never ever be given up on.

Watch the video HERE.

We will talk about this event in class next week. Enjoy… Continue

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ANIMOTO: Diego's video!

Hi, all dear students! I'm very happy to be able to put up the first video made by a CAE B 2009 student, this is Diego's, HERE


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These are the next steps to follow to complete our Graffiti project:

* Go to the Graffiti page HERE

* Choose ONE graffiti that appeals to you (uploaded by somebody from another country)

* Make a comment and invite the person to join your blog page

* On your blog page, exchange views on the choice of graffiti and on reasons for the choice, and compare cultural situations

* Get to know more about the… Continue

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Hi, my dear students!!

I'm in Denver, where I've come for this Teachers Convention, enjoying the company and sharing the knowledge of so many colleagues from different spots in the world.
I hope you've had a good week, we'll be together again next Tuesday, hopefully ;-)...
Hugs to you all, we'll have a lot to talk about!!!


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Funny video

Recently, I've seen a funny video in Youtube. If you want to watch it here it goes the link:

You won't regret it.

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Hi, dear students in Rosario!

We are about to take off..., to open new windows to the world, to get known, to meet other people from many different spots on the planet...

This will be the online space which will connect us with new cultures and with new friends...., to see how different, or how similar!!! we all human beings can be...

To start off, go to THIS site, where you'll be able to browse different pages with the… Continue

Added by Rita Zeinstejer on March 19, 2009 at 7:30pm — 4 Comments

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