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Are we being paranoic with these measures taken...?

All dear students,

As we won't see each other for a while, it would be great to keep connected with the language and among ourselves!

So I am bringing forward a comment Diegui posted, which I would like you to post your opinion on: by closing schools and institutions at the moment owing to the spread of the "swine flu" we are being paranoic...

Do you agree?

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Comment by Aldana Moroni on June 27, 2009 at 2:32pm
I'm not entirely sure I go along with you there. I reckon closing schools and institutions is a good measure to prevent this flu from being spread. However, it seems to me that night clubs, shoppings and clubs should be closed as well as schools due to the fact that those children who are not infected by the swine flu see this as a small holiday, so they go on meeting their friends whenever they can instead of staying at home as they should.
I'll be waiting to see your opinions... See you soon!
Comment by Magali on June 28, 2009 at 5:28pm
I totally go alone with you there aldi!

I also think that the media is helping to spread panic to the population and making them paranoic by exaggerating in certain aspects and being constantly talking about it, for example, I have a friend that is ill, she has flu but the common one, when the doctor came to diagnostic her the first thing she said was "turn off the tv!" because they are making a storm in a tea cup :P, the only theme spoken in this last weeks has been this "swine flu"!! as it was in a time with dengue, but Don´t missunderstand me because I know that this illness is a really serious thing but what I consider is, as aldi said, that we should have had everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) closed a couple of weeks ago when this thing started to appear and we wouldn´t be facing all this victims..

uhh it ended up being rather long :P, I hope I have made myself clear though

hope to see you soon! :)
Comment by Sofi on July 1, 2009 at 9:33pm
Emm! It´s a really complicated and serious situation. I think that our goverment wasn´t prepared neither informed about how to react and take measures to prevent the swine flu. Also, they showld have done more things before, so peolple wouldn´t be paranoic as they are...
What´s more, in my opinion, if school are closed, cinemas, shopping centers and discos should be closed too because people meet each other in those places.
People should take care about this flu and take the measures that doctors recomend.

I think that my volcabulary should be from a higher level, but it´s actually hard to me.
See you soon!!!!!
Comment by Maria Patetta on July 2, 2009 at 4:25pm
Hi everybody! sorry I didn't write before!.
Well, my opinion about this new flu is that we don't have to be obsessed about it, but we have to take care ourselves as much as we can, and the most important thing for me is that if you are ill, you must stay at home until you recover yourself, so this way you are not going to take the risk of being infected by this new illnes and also it's the best way to protect other people from having it...
I don´t think the best solution to this problem is closing everything, maybe that is going to help, but for me everybody has to be responsable, what i mean is that if you are not feeling well, just stay at home for a couple of days, to see a doctor and he is going to tell you what kind of illness do you have.
I don't know if I make it clear, it is such a huge topic to talk about and it's difficult to make a point, because every day it is turning more and more confusing, and i believe that it is because of the media, they are only scaring people instead of giving them useful information.
I hope this flu to disappear to return to normal life!, to our classes, and to our meetings to continue with the organization of our trip!

Take care everybody!
See you soon!
Comment by Cecilia on July 3, 2009 at 3:37pm
ohh It`s such a long time that I haven`t entered to the blog :S, I`m so sorryy.
I have just read all your opinions about the "swine flu" and I go alone with you in a lot of aspects. First of all, I reckon that we have to be worry about this new flu, but why we have to be so scared and paranoic all the time, as you said. It`s ok that the media have to inform us about the risks, and they should reccommend us to avoid it, but the ones that have to take care and try not to spread it are us.
Schools and Universities are all closed, and that`s great, but it is useless if we continue going to discos, theatres and places where for sure is full of peolple and we run the risk of getting infected. So, to sum up, we have to be responsible and be careful with ourselves.
I want this flu to dissapear soon:S, Y miss youuuu!!
See you soon!
Comment by Diego Orefice on July 4, 2009 at 3:05pm
Hi dear partners.. how are you?.. I also miss you a lot !!
I see that you are all very focus and have clearly opinions about this illness that has appeared in our country.. This new flu seems to be everyday more and more mortal and dangerous so we must take care of it, but as Magui said the media is helping to get people more crazy about it.. In the first place, this wouldn't had happened if everything had closed at the beggining.. I reckon that our goverment was more concern about the elections than the population..
So just in case, take precaution of this, try to avoid any kind of risk..
Send you kisses..
Comment by Mariano Marzi on July 4, 2009 at 6:46pm
Hey everybody! Sorry I've been a little bit absent these days.. Hope you are all doing just great.

Regarding this subject about the flu that has the entire country worried, I reckon it's a bit odd because although it's an illness that has caused several deads and should be taken really seriously, the goverment wasn't playing the role at all. They were more concerned about the elections than the population as dieguitou (jajajaj) said. What's even worse is that media is making people freak out with all the things they say. They try to make things look worse than they really are. I've heard that the virus isn't as bad as they want you to believe it is. The thing can get really ugly when you already have another issue like a headache or a common flu. But if you don't have any of those, it's just like a regular flu. You go to see a doctor and they give you the "tamiflu" or so and you are cured and with kind of a bonus you get immunity to the virus. I say this because a friend of mine got sick and the doctor told her all that info I've just said. Now she's fine though. The bottom line is we need to find a middle term. We do need to worry but at the same time there's no need to go paranoid about it. I think that the responsibility of developing consciousness among population should be a shared task between the goverment and the population itself. If we really commit ourselves to this "cause" can't be that hard, can it?

Having said that.. I'm out.
Nice talking to you all, can't wait to see you guys!
Comment by Rita Zeinstejer on July 4, 2009 at 8:30pm
Good postings, Aldi, Maggie, Sofi, Mary, Ceci, Diegui and Marian... Everything you've said is true... I can only add I am happy to see you here, the only environment we can go on sharing these days...:-(

I would also love to know what you are doing!!! Would you post the answer to this question in Edmodo?
Comment by Wilfredo on July 6, 2009 at 10:53am
Well, late but sure LOL. I do think we're being paranoic but, in my opinion, this is caused by the media that exaggerates everything, and all the channells thatrepeat the same thing all over the day. Furthermore, all details about this "flu" had been hidden for the elections. Thus, everything came up now and all this flu stuff and cases all over our country hit the lines really hard. I reckon it's a good measure to close everyhing just like Mexico did (who have already overcame this problem in 2 or 3 weeks as far as I know).
The good thing about this flu is that is as treatable as any common flu. In fact, one of my cousins had it, but he took al the necessary measures and healed. It will become worse when the "dengue" comes again...
Well, that's all I've got...
Cheers for everyone!
Hope you're all okay!
Comment by Wilfredo on July 6, 2009 at 10:54am
I'm sorry I haven't entered the blog :S . I'll get used to it again soon LOL. Just kidding...


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