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My 2009 CAE students at ARCI, Rosario, Argentina

In my hiper personal opinion, yes, we are being paranoic and too much fearfull to that new desease: the h1n1 flu, if you take a good look to the numbers, the regular every-day flu kills around 2000 people here in argentina only, meanwhile this flu only have killed 53 so far, and all those who died, where inmunodepressed ( I think thats the word), meaning that us, the young and healty cae students, must not worry about it, as simply as that.

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Comment by Saša Sirk on September 21, 2009 at 3:47am
I hope you are right about this, Pablo. Summer's ending here and with colder days coming in the thing is starting to spread here too. Our government officials chose not to close down schools - will do that only if too many students and teachers get sick for a school to remain open and function normally.


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