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My 2009 CAE students at ARCI, Rosario, Argentina

What would you prefer to do in England???

Hi, my dear students!

I´ve been thinking about our prospective trip to England together next January, and thought it might be a good idea to listen to your opinions regarding the possible activities we may choose to do and enjoy while there…

So I’ve recorded a series of options for you to listen to, which I´d like you to answer using the same tool I used. It’s Vocaroo. Click HERE and you´ll listen to my recording.
To record your answer, just click on "Create a new voice message", then click on the button and record your message. You'll need a mike! ;-)
Then, in a new posting, copy and paste the Vocaroo link provided once you finish your recording, so that we can all hear your message.

I look forward to listening to your messages!

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